Sno Gem

Since its founding in 1994, Sno Gem has grown to become an internationally respected provider of innovative, high quality snow retention systems for metal roofing. Starting with the Original Polycarbonate snow guard, Sno Gem has grown to include multiple product lines for metal roofing and other roof systems.

In 2014 the company leveraged its over 50 years of experience in the architectural sheet metal and roofing market to develop a family of roof accessory attachment clamps. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the new clamps can be used to attach virtually anything to metal roof surfaces without penetrating or piercing the metal.

These clamps include the Gem Clamp, Sno Cube and Sno Blockade Cube which are used to attach our exciting and innovative Gem Series, iClad and Sno Blockade snow retention systems, respectively. Sno Gem’s clamps are available for all of the most common types of standing seam metal roofs.