Smeja Enterprises

Smeja Enterprises is a privately held investment group focused on growing brands in the construction, real estate, and consumer product industries.  Companies under the umbrella include:  Metalmaster Roofmaster, Sno Gem, Limitless Innovations, Solar Connections International, Universal Composite Panel Systems, Master Products, Smeja Real Estate Holdings, and Smeja Insurance Holdings.

Metalmaster Roofmaster

Metalmaster Roofmaster began modestly as a family business in 1977 and has since grown into what is now known as one of the largest commercial sheet metal and roofing contractors in North America. Our state-of-the-art corporate headquarters is located in McHenry, Illinois and is the epicenter to the company’s day-to-day operations including estimating, sales, drafting and engineering, project management, accounting, legal, dispatch, inventory, fabrication, welding and a full time, in-house auto service center to maintain our fleet of delivery trucks and equipment. Our office is licensed, fully insured and has unlimited bonding capacity.

Our 100,000 square foot temperature controlled, bonded and insured custom fabricating facility allows us the unique ability to stock and custom fabricate material to precise specifications with our own forces for projects of any size allowing for optimal control and the very best service for your schedule. We encourage general contractors, architects, engineering firms, construction managers, management companies, roof consultants, developers and owners to view our facility, and see our custom made mock-ups, samples, up-to-date products, and equipment in use to see how we can best service your needs. Our vast capabilities enable us to complete our projects on time and within budget.

Sno Gem

Since its founding in 1994, Sno Gem has grown to become an internationally respected provider of innovative, high quality snow retention systems for metal roofing. Starting with the Original Polycarbonate snow guard, Sno Gem has grown to include multiple product lines for metal roofing and other roof systems.

In 2014 the company leveraged its over 50 years of experience in the architectural sheet metal and roofing market to develop a family of roof accessory attachment clamps. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the new clamps can be used to attach virtually anything to metal roof surfaces without penetrating or piercing the metal.

These clamps include the Gem Clamp, Sno Cube and Sno Blockade Cube which are used to attach our exciting and innovative Gem Series, iClad and Sno Blockade snow retention systems, respectively. Sno Gem’s clamps are available for all of the most common types of standing seam metal roofs.

Limitless Innovations

In October 2012, with 4 flourishing businesses and over 150 patents in various industries, the entrepreneurial Smeja family created a consumer product company engaged in the design and development of various cutting-edge, retail merchandise. That is when Limitless Innovations, Inc. was born. Limitless Innovations, Inc. is located in Chicago’s Northwest Suburb of McHenry, Illinois with a purpose that is simple, to provide the consumer with the most innovative solutions for everyday problems, and do it with style. Limitless Innovations, Inc. identified a need and an opportunity in the technology market and developed the ChargeHub, a multi-port USB charging station with a unique set of features, not previously seen in any off-the-shelf products. The innovative design and capabilities of the ChargeHub hit the red carpet at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the largest technology shows in the world. Then, among thousands of new products in the field, it was the ChargeHub under lights and fanfare that was awarded Best of CES 2014 and Best of CES 2016 by iPhone Life Magazine as one of the most innovative new iOS related products. With the evolution of the market and the world of ever-changing technology, keep your eye on Limitless Innovations, Inc. in 2017 for more innovative products, without limitations.

Solar Connections International

Solar Connections International is a leader in the development and manufacturing of mounting solutions for solar panel installations worldwide. Our product lines provide attachment options for a rail or rail-free installation on various roof systems globally, including standing seam, corrugated metal, ribbed metal panels, and asphalt shingles. The SCI Research & Development Team is an innovative leader in the industry that carries over 50 years of on-the-roof experience, delivering cutting-edge designs and high-quality products that revolutionize solar panel attachments, while integrating a low-cost and labor savings on the roof. SCI product lines are UL approved and compliant with the International Building Code. Manufactured in the Chicagoland area and with distributors worldwide, SCI is dedicated to providing the solar industry with superior mounting attachment solutions.

Our solar panel mounting systems are innovative, UL 1703 & UL 2703 Listed, and can attach to virtually any solar panel frame using GroundBonding™ Technology to create a conductive bond from panel to panel without extra tools or parts. Each Solar Connections Kit utilizes the cable management disc that allows for cables to be top loaded and secured, making cable management clean and simple. PushLock™ Technology secures the cable management disc to the standing seam base clamp without extra nuts or bolts. The Solar Connection Kit is compatible with the state-of-the-art Standing Seam Base Clamp that can attach to virtually any standing seam profile and provide unparalleled strength using patent-pending WaveLock™ Technology with optional 1, 2, or 3 points of attachment. Offering ease of installation, the Silver Bullet™ set screws include a rounded bullet tip to maximize strength and won’t damage the paint or pierce the seam. Additionally, the Solar Connection Kit is available in standard mill finish aluminum material, making it an item you can easily keep in stock when the need arises.

Universal Composite Panel Systems

Designed by industry professionals with over 50 years of commercial sheet metal and roofing experience, the Universal Composite Panel System (UCPS) 1000 Series raises the bar in ACM panel attachment. The UCPS 1000 Series incorporates several unique design features not yet seen in the industry including a hybrid design, tubular construction, and a concealed drainage system.

The hybrid design of the UCPS 1000 system allows for either a wetseal or rainscreen installation, an option that was previously unseen among ACM panel attachment systems. Additionally, you can stock the same parts for both wetseal and rainscreen wall systems saving you money and warehouse space.

The UCPS 1000 also incorporates a first-of-its-kind concealed drainage system eliminating unsightly weep holes. The UCPS 1000 received perfect marks on the rigorous AAMA 508 test and scored a perfect V1/W1 rating on the slightly less demanding AAMA 509 test.

Installer safety was a top priority when engineering the UCPS 1000 system. Our tubular design keeps the hands of installers safe by encapsulating the rivets and fasteners and is sure to be a favorite of installers and architects alike.

Master Products


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